We attempt to provide our clients with excellent service at a moderate cost. The following is a sample of the basic fees charged in straightforward, uncomplicated matters. Fees quoted do not include out-of-pocket expenses (disbursements) and applicable tax and are subject to change. In some cases, additional fees are charged for particular situations.

Please call the office to confirm all fees. For any situation in which we do not charge a set fee, the hourly rate is billed at $500.00 per hour plus tax and disbursements.


Residential Real Estate

Purchases [most newer local subdivisions]: $1150.00
*Review & comment on status certificates: additional $395.00
*Approximate disbursements: $900.00 plus title insurance and Land Transfer Tax (if applicable)

Sales: $1025.00
*Approximate disbursements: $550.00

Mortgages [unrelated to purchase]: $1050.00
*Approximate disbursements: $800.00 plus title insurance and Land Transfer Tax (if applicable)

Transfers of Title [without title searching or remortgaging]: starts at $500.00


Wills, Estates, and Trusts

Basic, “no frills” Will for 1 person: $475.00*

Two “no frills” Wills  which are essentially identical: $675.00*

Codicil: $325.00

One Power of Attorney: $300.00

Two Powers of Attorney from the same person: $400.00

Living Will: $300.00

Two Living Wills: $400.00

House Calls (per visit):
Travel time is charged at $125.00 per 15 minutes from $200.00;
and $80.00 per witness per hour

*Additional clauses such as trusts, specific bequests, guardian appointments, will result in further fees



Independent Legal Advice: $525.00

Independent Legal Representation: please contact us with more information as prices vary

Notarizing Documents (where already prepared for signature): $50.00 per signature & seal


For more information, or to discuss your unique needs, please feel free to contact us directly.